Schmucker has always invested in research and development: the company has at its disposal a staff of specialized technicians and engineers with long experience and in-depth, up-to-date knowledge in the field of packaging machines who are involved in the creation of highly advanced technological machines.

The entire Schmucker team can provide its clients with immediate, up-to-date solutions that are also the result of continuous collaboration with the engineers and management of leading multinational companies.

Both the electronic and the mechanical departments are involved in finding new solutions to ensure machines with the latest technologies. They constantly perform metrological tests to ensure that our equipment complies with international standards that govern the food and drug industries..

Schmucker guarantees spare parts for the whole service life of the machine. Spares can be requested at any time and are sent out to the customer with 24 hours around Europe and within 48 hours in other countries around the world. Over 70% of spare parts are kept in stock by Schmucker so that any feasible emergencies can be resolved very quickly.

Over-the-phone assistance is also guaranteed by qualified personnel who are able to answer queries in four languages and provide assistance also by e-mail and/or fax throughout the entire work day. On request, customers can also get “on-line” technical assistance to resolve machine problems in any part of the world