Stickpack focus

Schmucker was the first Italian business to widely distribute the stickpack technology throughout Europe. Stickpacks were initially used almost exclusively in the food industry, but they later became very popular with pharmaceutical companies too. The stickpack is indeed an intelligent solution for many reasons: speaking of the producer, it guarantees savings in terms of logistics, energy and amount of material used and speaking of the end user, since it is a “smart” format, it is much easier and safer to use.

Advantages for the producers

  • Considerable savings in packaging material, which results in lower expenditures related to packaging film;
  • Easier to transport and less space needed for shipments and storage;
  • Increased machine production speeds: while the structural features of the packaging machines of sachets sealed on four sides limit the size of the machine to 12 lines, the stickpack solutions can be built with 22 processing lines, thus increasing production volumes;
  • Flexibility and versatility: the stickpack is suitable for a very large variety of everyday products, which are conventionally sold in tubes, sachets, cans, blister packs or small containers. It can be used for a multitude of products in the pharmaceutical field (for powders or liquids), in the food industry (for ketchup, mayonnaise, oil, vinegar, condiments and sauces, sugar, instant coffee, integrators, just to name some) and in the cosmetics field (shampoo, liquid soap, creams and so on);
  • Minimum amount of air inside the pack thanks to the stick packaging technology exploited, which guarantees longer product preservation time.

Advantages for the users

  • Pocket size and be easily taken anywhere;
  • Simple and secure to open. The product can be consumed quickly and safely without splashing or spilling and without having to use scissors or teeth to open it;
  • The product can be taken without water and in such a way to make it easier for the elderly, children or people who have problems in swallowing medicine;
  • Appealing design. The stickpack does not look like a medicine so it is very discrete;
  • The end users perceive the medicine inside the stickpacks as less harmful to the environment. The single-dose product is also perceived positively by health workers too, who say it is easier to prepare and there is lower risk of dosage errors for patients.