1977 – The Schmucker story begins in a craftsman's workshop near the Italian border with Slovenia where the two Gorizian Schmucker brothers started up a small company of people with the idea of designing machinery for the food industry.

1980-1986 – Thanks to major creative development applied to the mechanical and industrial processes and based on ingenious technical solutions, the Schmucker business consolidates and expands.

1986-1992 – Schmucker becomes the first company in the world to produce full installations for packaging paste products and, in parallel, develops the packaging machines for producing four-sided sealed sachets. The success is immediate and the company becomes an essential point of reference for the packaging market.

1992-1995 – New models of machine are developed for making four-sided sealed sachets with a high productive capacity. Schmucker expands the scope of its operations and, besides the Italian market, establishes itself in various countries across the world: approximately 50% of production is exported.


Extraordinary STICKPACK

1996-200 - With new products to offer and innovative solutions, Schmucker starts production of new packaging machines for multilane production of stick and pillow pack packaging, which are very well received on the international market. In particular, thanks to the very high level of quality of the stick packaging machines, the company's business expands from small and medium enterprises to multinationals, which appreciate the formula which combines 'Made in Italy' manufacturing and advanced technology. Schmucker also starts construction of cartoning machines sold on their own or in conjunction with packaging machines

Since the "noughties" expansion has continued: the company has been developing on a large scale on the international market, which now represents 80% of sales. High-level clients in the fields of pharmaceutics, the food industry, cosmetics and the chemical industry across all the continents, are choosing our stand-alone machines and the Schmucker lines for their high level of quality and guaranteed reliability. 

In 2018 Schmucker is bought out 100% by the Marchesini Group, an Italian multinational which produces machinery for pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging.