The Tube/S is a vertical packaging machine with intermittent movement for packaging tubular sachets sealed on 3 sides (sticks). The machines are equipped with a PLC and touch-screen to constantly monitor functions and parameters during the dosing phase to allow the diagnostics of alarms and any anomalies which may occur. The machine is made of stainless steel and anodized aluminium. The sealing zone is a cantilever with respect to the machine body, the movement is internal and separate from the sealing assembly. Easy cleaning, high versatility in format changes and full respect of the concept of friendly operation (which facilitates working with and on the machine) make the machine excellent in the field of packaging and compliant with the requirements of standards GMP and FDA.
The action of the Tube/S machine is controlled completely by Brushless servo-motors which provide high-precision of dosing, accurate sealing and optimal tolerance of length and centring of the stickpack.

Technical data

Nr of lanes

2 - 20 lanes

Max mech. Output per minute 

speed mechanical min.15÷65 max. strokes/min

Format range

REEL- WIDTH 600-1200 mm Ø 350 - 400 mm  core Ø 72-76 mm
Stick width 18÷60 mm
Stick Length 50÷210 mm

Installed power

10 - 20 kw

Noise level

below 80 dB

Air consumption

400 - 600 Nl/min


800 - 1500 kg