• Stickpack filler machine for packaging powders;
  • Equipped with an automatic material centring system;
  • Volumetric bucket dosing unit easily accessible;
  • The whole unit can be lifted and moved quite simply;
  • Possibility to easily carry out the calibration for dosing the buckets internally and externally;
  • Possibility of dosing operation with feeding scrolls;
  • The size unit can be easily replaced as a whole block;
  • The sealer is remarkably compact and ensures uniform pressure on every single channel;
  • Uniform forming tension;
  • The cut is customizable and easily changeable;
  • Positive controlled type stick outlet;
  • The machine is able to reject the product before it is placed in the conveyor chain, subsequently reinstating it immediately in order to guarantee continuity in the production process of the machines downstream.

Technical data

Max mech. Output per minute 

up to 60 cycles/minute

Format range

Reel outer diameter: 600 mm (23,62”) Stickpack width: min. 18 mm (0,71”), max 33 (1,3”) Stickpack length: from 70 to 150 mm (2,76” - 5,905”)

Installed power

7 kw

Noise level

below 80 dB

Air consumption

120 Nl/min


1600 kg